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Top 10 wine shops in Nairobi CBD | liquor stores

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As the list of online shops in Kenya continues to grow, the number of wine shops in Nairobi selling drinks online and offline has also increased. In this guide, we will explore the wine shops in Nairobi CBD. We are going to list the top 10 wine stores starting with the ones that have their shops in Nairobi and also offer wine delivery Nairobi.  The list has been made after an experience with different liquor delivery services,  these shops offer great services. The following is a list of online wine stores in Kenya where you can buy the most expensive wines in Kenya and the other products similar to what your will in a wine and spirits shop near you.

Wine shops in Nairobi CBD

1. Drinks Vine

Drinks vine or formerly Dial a delivery is hands down the best online liquor shop when shopping for expensive and unique liquors. In their store, you will find top & expensive liquors like the Remy Martin Louis XIIIJohnnie Walker King George VHennessy Paradis, and other expensive whisky, wines & champagnes. This is definitely one of the largest alcohol delivery agency in Nairobi with their store packed with wines from all over the world. As the name suggests their major operation is delivering alcohol online in Nairobi and its environs. Their wine shop is located in Nairobi CBD along Taveta road but they have started opening new supply points, currently, they are opening an outlet in Westlands. On their website, you will find a nice classification of all the wines and also they have listed most expensive wines in Kenya in a separate section to help clients who want unique and expensive alcohol access them easily.

You can order wine from the comfort of your home and have it delivered within 30 minutes. If you want a delivery made to your office then all you have to do is dial and have your wine delivered. This is more than a liquor store as they also offer gifts delivery, they are also one of the most reliable gift shops in Nairobi.

To learn more visit Dial a delivery Nairobi website

2. Nairobi drinks

This is one of the largest and most reliable wine and spirit shop in Nairobi. They have been in operation for several years now. Nairobi drinks started selling alcohol and offering drinks delivery services within Nairobi in a small scale but as the demand for wine delivery services increased the company moved their operations online and at the same time they expanded from a wine and spirit store to wines and spirits distributors in Kenya. They operate at both wholesale and retail capacity and have the vastest wine brands in Kenya.

This wine shop supplies most of the major clubs, corporate meetings, weddings, and individual customers around Nairobi. From the research that we did, we found that Nairobi drinks has gained the largest market share due to the efficiency and products they supply. If you want a reliable wine delivery company then this the perfect option and the largest Kenya wine distributors.

To learn more visit

3. Drinks zone

Located in Nairobi CBD but with a strong appearance online, Drinks zone is both an offline and online liquor store offering a modern drinks delivery platform. They came into the market in the year 2015 and since then they have never ceased to deliver the best. In their website, you will find the best wines in Kenya and their prices and order have been simplified by offering a call button.

In their stores you will find red sweet wines, white wines, sparkling wines, rose wines among other products, here you will also find rare and common wines like cellar cast wine, 4th street wine, four cousins among other EABL products.

To learn more about visit

4. Drinks delivery Kenya

Drinks delivery Kenya is one of the youngest wine stores in Nairobi but they have raised to the ranks very fast. Although they are best known for their wide collection of whisky, their shelves are also filled with wines you love. They started their operations in the year 2013 bringing competition to the existing companies like Nairobi drinks. They have contributed widely in shaping the alcohol delivery industry. Since then, their effect has been felt in the market with their affordable prices and free deliveries in and around Nairobi.

Wine delivery Nairobi is one of their strong but they also have a store in the CBD from where they coordinate their services. They supply their products to major hotels, companies, and events in and around the city.

To learn more about drinks delivery Kenya visit

5. Chupa chap

Most you must have heard of Chupchap online shopping, this is because it's one of the well known online liquor stores in Nairobi. They have been supplying wine in Nairobi for years now. They have a wide collection of drinks and ordering is as easy as dialing.

Learn more at their website

6. Wines on wheels

Wines on Wheels is an online liquor store offering home delivery in Nairobi and its environs. From their website, they state that they are a family business dedicated to offering reliable drinks delivery.

To learn more or order from them visit

7. Jays wine distributors

 Jay wines have been in operation for years and they are among the reputable wine shops in Nairobi. You can purchase from wine, whiskey, vodka, and other drinks categories from them.

8. Dial a drink

Dial a drink Kenya is a major player in the drinks delivery industry. They offer a wide range of products, although they are an online liquor store, they have a well established online platform that they use to supply drinks in the city.

Learn more from

9. Oaks n Corks

One of the newest players in the industry. They are worth mentioning due to the efforts they are putting to their operations. This is one of the drinks delivery company to watch.

10. Wines & Bubbles Nairobi

This is a liquor store dealing mostly with French wines, on their website they say one of their objectives is to offer fairly priced French wines in Kenya.

These are some of the best wine shops in Nairobi where you will find wines from all over the world, other worth mentioning wine shops in Nairobi include the wine shop Kenya, KWAL (Kenya wine agencies limited), Museum Hill Wines, wines of the world Nairobi and Alcohol delivery Nairobi.